peripheral vision


How to draw attention to two aspects at the same time? Arrange them in places that are not obvious, unusual for them, thereby giving rise to a series of questions: what connects them, unites them? Are they a continuation of each other in the shown story or, on the contrary, opposites? By putting a person out of the frame, it is paradoxical, but in this way the author provokes action from the center (why this particular picture?) to the edge — how is it related with the hero of the picture?

The answers, as in many works by Romanda Che, are not obvious: the title of the series reflects the way to find them. A person’s peripheral vision is not so clear as central and in the series: the author suggests to feel with his peripheral vision the outlines of objects, to catch an unobvious meaning, to try to find a connection, to give free rein to his imagination.

In each shot, I have identified the connection between a famous work of art and everyday life. Each person interprets art in his own way, just as art is reflected on each individually.